Terms and conditions

Net cash unless otherwise specified. A service charge of 1.5%
per month (18% yearly) will be charged on any invoices over
30 days old. All deliveries of equipment and processing of
orders presently in house will be withheld from any customer
having any invoices 45 days old, or older, until credit is reestablished.
Any purchase order pursuant to the accompanying quotations
will not become a binding contract until it is accepted and
acknowledged by seller at seller’s office.

If pricing listed on website is incorrect and product is still purchased
customer will be contacted for revision of sale.

F.O.B. factory, packing included—unless otherwise arranged.
Unless otherwise specified, at our option we will ship common
carrier collect.
Responsibility is transferred to consignee after bill of lading,
express receipt, or shipping memo is signed. Claims should be
made to the transportation company. Shipment should be
inspected for damage upon arrival and damage should be
noted on packing slip by freight or express agent to press
claim. Claims of short shipment must be made within seven (7)
days of receipt of equipment. Failure to do so deprives us of
the ability to substantiate accuracy of shipment and therefore
nullifies any claim against us.

The illustrations do not necessarily show standard colors,
materials and equipment.
VideoCom reserves the right to make changes at any time
without notice, in price, colors, materials, equipment
specifications, models and also to discontinue models. This
right may be exercised without incurring any responsibility with
regard to products previously sold.
Any tax imposed by Federal, State or other governmental
authority on the sale of the merchandise and service referred
to in a quotation shall be paid by buyer in addition to the
quoted purchase price.

Dates of delivery are determined from the date of seller’s
acceptance of any order or orders by buyer; and are estimates
of approximate dates of delivery, not a guarantee of a
particular day of delivery. Sellers shall not be liable for failure
or delay in shipping goods hereunder if such failure or delay is
due to an act of God, war, labor difficulties, accident, inability to
obtain containers or raw materials, or any other causes of any
kind beyond the control of seller.

Bona fide orders accepted by us cannot be canceled without
written consent. If granted, any expenses incurred by us must
be absorbed by the buyer. Custom products and certain smallvolume
products will require completion of a “No
Cancellation—No Return” form prior to order acceptance.
Orders for apartment house lobby panels, special order
merchandise, customized, modified, or altered equipment may
not be canceled once manufacture begins.

Unless we are instructed to ship an order complete, we will
partial ship and back-order the balance of the order

(Procedure for handling in-warranty products and authorization
for return of other merchandise.) An RMA number must be
requested before returning any merchandise for credit or
repairs. VideoCom requires item and quantity, plus purchase
order for repair RMAs, prior to issuing an RMA number. All
merchandise must be returned to us freight prepaid. VideoCom
will return in-warranty merchandise freight prepaid.
In-warranty merchandise will be repaired or replaced (at our
option) and returned to you on a no-charge basis. Missing or
damaged accessories will be billed to you. Non-current
merchandise that may still be in warranty will be repaired and
returned to you in the packaging in which it was received, since
new cartons and packaging are generally not available for noncurrent
merchandise. In-warranty merchandise that has been
marred, relabeled, written on, or otherwise damaged cannot be
replaced with new merchandise and can only be repaired and
If approval is granted to return merchandise for credit, the
return is subject to the following conditions: (1) Merchandise
must be unused and in new condition, and returned freight
prepaid in its original packaging, including any unopened bags.
(2) Credit will be issued at current published prices, or at
original billing price, whichever is lower. (3) A minimum of 25%
restocking charge will be deducted from the credit to cover the
cost of handling, billing adjustment, re-inspection, re-testing,

Any custom-made, modified, or altered equipment is not
subject to return for credit or exchange. Since all apartment house
lobby panels are custom made, they are not subject to
return for credit or exchange. Non-current merchandise and/or
goods shipped a year or more before will not be accepted for
credit or exchange.